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Licorice Candy

Licorice NZ

Licorice is a candy made from the root of the licorice plant. It's also known as sweet root and liquorice. The flavor can be described as sweet, with a distinct anise-like taste. Licorice lollies are very popular in Australia, Europe, and Canada.

Enjoy the sweet taste of licorice candy that is sure to bring back childhood memories. Candy Co has various types of licorice candy available to cater to different tastes, including a variety of Licorice Allsorts, Red Raspberry Licorice and Various sized and flavoured Blowpipes.

Licorice is an amazing sweet treat for any occasion and make a great addition to any candy buffet. These delicious licorice lollies are perfect for parties and gatherings, or just for a sweet taste of nostalgia. Shop Online today at Candy Co.

White Chocolate Licorice Bullets - Nowco - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

White Chocolate Licorice Bullets

Rp 43.193,10

Passionfruit Licorice Bites Vidal Candy Co

Passionfruit Licorice Bites

Rp 41.033,44

Watermelon Licorice Bites Vidal Candy Co

Watermelon Licorice Bites

Rp 41.033,44

Aniseed Jubes Nowco Candy Co

Aniseed Jubes

Rp 35.634,30

Black Knight Black Licorice RJ's Candy Co

Black Knight Black Licorice

Rp 35.634,30

Black Licorice Twist Fyna Candy Co

Black Licorice Twist (1pc)

Rp 18.946,06