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The Best Range of Pick N Mix Nz Wide - Candy Co

The Best Range of Pick N Mix Nz Wide

Shop our Large range of Pick and Mix Lollies Online at Candy Co. With over 250 different bulk lollies to choose from on our online candy store.
Bulk buy your favourite lollies online or treat yourself to a small mix of candy of your choice...

Starting with bags from as little as 100g of lollies you can order just the right amount of sweets for you.
With such a large range of Pick and Mix lollies we are bound to have some of your favourite candies, we stock a majority of your kiwi favourites from classic dairy lollies to international sweets such as American Candy from all around the globe.
With classic New Zealand made brands such as Mayceys Confectionary,   Rainbow Confectionery, Carousel, and so many more brands from around the globe, consisting of some of the best confectionery manufacturers in the world.
Order your pick and mix online today with delivery right across New Zealand.
Don't miss out on our pay later option allowing you interest-free weekly payments so you can Eat Now, and pay later store-wide. Pay with Afterpay, Laybuy, or Zip.
Don't see a lolly you want? No worries, at times we may be out of stock and we remove them from our site to keep it clean a fresh with the latest products we currently stock. Feel free to email us if there's any product in our lolly range that you're specifically after and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Discover the ultimate candy experience at Candy Co with the best selection of Pick n Mix in NZ. It's time to elevate your taste buds and immerse yourself in a world of confectionery delight. Unleash your inner child as you embark on a journey through over 250 mouthwatering bulk lollies, all available on our user-friendly online candy store.

Your Lollies, Your Choice, Your Size, Your Favourites!

At Candy Co, we believe that every candy lover deserves the freedom to curate their own sweet paradise. With our Pick and Mix Lollies, the power is in your hands. Craft your dream assortment of candies, perfectly tailored to your preferences. From the classics that remind you of your childhood to exciting international treats, our selection knows no bounds.

Are you a fan of the nostalgic dairy lollies that are quintessentially Kiwi? Look no further! We proudly stock beloved local brands like Mayceys Confectionary,Rainbow Confectionery and Carousel, delivering a taste of New Zealand's confectionery heritage.

But that's not all - our global selection is a candy lover's dream come true. Indulge in the sweet extravagance of American Candy and other international delights that will transport you to different corners of the world with each bite. At Candy Co, we celebrate the art of confectionery craftsmanship, showcasing the finest creations from some of the world's most renowned candy manufacturers.

Tailored to Your Cravings, Convenience at Your Fingertips

Whether you're in the mood for a small candy fix or planning an epic candy spree, we have you covered. Our Pick and Mix Lollies are available in various quantities, starting from a delightful 100g. It's the perfect way to treat yourself to just the right amount of sugary goodness, ensuring no craving goes unfulfilled.

Say goodbye to the hassle of physical candy stores - Candy Co brings the candy wonderland to your screen. With a few simple clicks, you can explore, select and order your personalised mix of lollies, all from the comfort of your home. Plus, our convenient delivery service ensures your candy-filled dreams are promptly fulfilled, with shipping available of our Pick n Mix NZ wide.

Indulging in your favourite lollies has never been more convenient or budget friendly. Candy Co introduces a tempting "Eat Now, Pay Later" option, allowing you to enjoy your lollies today and settle the payment through interest-free weekly instalments.

Can't Find Your Desired Lolly? We've Got You Covered!

While our selection is vast, we understand that your cravings might be specific. If you can't find a particular lolly in our current range, fear not! Our commitment to offering only the freshest and most delightful candies sometimes leads to temporary stock shortages. Simply drop us an email and our friendly team will go above and beyond to assist you in finding your desired treat.

Experience candy paradise like never before with the best range of Pick n Mix in NZ. Explore, indulge and relish in the joy of creating your own candy utopia. Start your journey today and let your taste buds dance with delight - your perfect lolly mix awaits!

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