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How Much Is 100grams of Lollies?

Good question! Every product weighs a different amount so to give you an example of how many lollies there are in 100 grams of sweets weve taken a few photos to show you what it looks like. 

Frequently Asked Sizing Questions

100 Gram Bags

Mayceys Crocodile 100g.webp__PID:f1619e44-0596-4a39-be07-28846d5e5df9


Sour Spiders 100g.webp__PID:63f1619e-4405-46ea-b9be-0728846d5e5d

Sour Spiders

Tangy Sticks 100g.webp__PID:9e440596-ea39-4e07-a884-6d5e5df934f3

Tangy Sticks

Assorted Fruit Sticks 100g.webp__PID:ad63f161-9e44-4596-aa39-be0728846d5e

Fruit Sticks

Sour Worms 100g.webp__PID:619e4405-96ea-49be-8728-846d5e5df934

Sour Worms

white jelly beans 100g.webp__PID:440596ea-39be-4728-846d-5e5df934f3a3

Jelly Beans