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Lollies On Sale: Get Cheap Lollies in Bulk at Candy Co!

Huge Discounts on Cheap Lollies in Bulk! Indulge in your favorite sugary treats without breaking the bank! Our clearance sale features end of line, seconds items, damaged stock, or mothly specials, offering you the chance to satisfy your sweet tooth at fantastic prices. Stock up now and enjoy a delightful array of cheap bulk candy. Please note, all sale items are Not Refundable.

Gushers 22.2g General Mills Candy Co

Gushers 22.2g

4 kr

3kg Pint Pots BBD: 03/2024 Kingsway Candy Co

3kg Pint Pots BBD: 03/2024

107 kr

3kg Mermaids Candy Co Candy Co

3kg Mermaids

272 kr

Tounge Painter Marshmallow 1kg Candy Co Candy Co

Tounge Painter Marshmallow 1kg

179 kr

Yellow Paintball 900g Bag Candy Co Candy Co

Yellow Paintball 900g Bag

143 kr

Millions Banana 40g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

BBD: 11/23 - Millions Banana 40g

11 kr

Toxic Waste Atoms 60g Candy Dynamics Candy Co
watch_later Sold Out

BBD: 03/2024 - Toxic Waste Atoms 60g

7 kr

Milk Flavoured Chews 41g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

Milk Flavoured Chews 41g

9 kr