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New Zealand Owned and Operated
Unit 16/17, 2582 State Highway 26, Morrinsville, 3372

Pictured, Owners:
Cameron Marchant-Bullen,
Roseanna Marchant-Bullen,


Who Are We
And How It Began...

It all started as a Husband and Wife duo selling gourmet sweet boxes around New Zealand, originally known as Gift Boxs New Zealand. We ventured our way into confectionary when we decided to design and sell sweet boxes along side our higher end gourmet gifts. These gifts were a little more friendlier on the pocket but still tasted and looked great. Upon our first week of selling our new sweet boxes, we decided to start a little something on the side, selling our sweets as a loose pick and mix range. We started with only 2kgs of some of the most commonly sold sweets we could find and originally thought this would be a great stay at home job for Roseanna whilest we had a baby on the way.

That soon grew and ventured into our first look into buying bulk confectionary from some of New Zealands biggest importers and Manufacturers of delicious sweets and pre packaged candy. This lead to a massive rebrand of our Business and along came the name, Candy Co. We still kept our sweet boxes and focused on our pick and mix lolly range, focusing on variety over quantity. We soon ran into issues with stock levels as 2kgs of each flavour just wasnt enough. These numbers then double, then doubled again, and doubled again until it got to the point where boxes and pallets of each product were now required to keep up with the vast demand from our customers. We now stock over 500 different flavoured candies, shipping our sweets right across New Zealand and Australia.

Move a few years down the track to 2024, we had outgrown our Waihi location and decided to make the move back to our home town of Morinsville located in the heart of the Waikato.
We decided we needed something bigger... Much Bigger! So along came the idea of a warehouse, and that's exactly what we did.
On the 1st April 2024 we moved into our new warehouse giving us the capability of stocking much more product and tripling the size of our packing room we currently worked from with an added second packing room for reproduction processing and machine packing for all promotional candy and B2B orders.
With our current expansion, this is going to bring a vast new range of product to our candy store and also opened up the ability for locals to now click and collect from our warehouse.


What Do We Stock

At Candy Co, we now stock over 700 different flavoured sweets, with over 400 of these being loose bulk confectionary in various flavours. Not to mention, these numbers are forever increasing as were always venturing out and finding new sweets for you from various countries and manufacturers around the globe.

Every product we have listed online is in stock and available, always. If somthing is not available we will no longer list it so you get the most updated stock levels and product at all time. From Loose Bulk Confectionary to pre-packaged American Candy, we have such a large variety of sweets from across the world, with some products you probably didnt even know existed. 

We also Stock a large variety of confectionary manufactured right here in little old New Zealand, from various manufactures such as Mayceys, Rainbow Confectionary, Carousel, RJ's Licorice, Empire and even some lines of Pascalls that are still made here in New Zealand.

With so many options available, we guarantee there will be somthing for everyone to enjoy.


Where it All Happens

This is where it all happens, our packing room.
This is where most of our work takes place every day. Packing all your orders to precise perfection just how you've requested it.
With numerous hours on end of hard labour intensive and time consuming work, weve had the oppertunity to work with some of New Zealands most well known, infuluenced brands and companies such as Professionals, Westpac, Mercedes and so many other fantastic customers across New Zealand and Australia.

We have over 1 tonne of candy in this room alone, just to keep up with the demand from you, our fantastic customers and to keep the ball rolling every single day. Without you, Candy Co wouldnt exist.


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