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Christmas Lollies

Christmas Themed Lollies and Candy

Buy Christmas lollies online at CandyCo! With our Xmas lollies, stocking fillers, sweets and treats there will be something for everyone to celebrate with this festive season.

Shop the freshest and finest selection of Christmas Lollies, Candy Co have you covered this Christmas season.

Find all your favourite Christmas Lollies online. Candy Co is your one stop shop for Christmas gifts and all the essentials you need to fill Stockings or put out on the table at this years Christmas Dinner.

Get the best Christmas themed lollies and candy delivered straight to your door.

Find Christmas themed sweets from Santa's Lollies, Snowmen Lollies, Yummy Gummies and more!

Millions Strawberry 45g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

Millions Strawberry 45g

26 124 som 

Millions Iron Brew 40g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

Millions Iron Brew 40g

26 124 som 

Millions Bubblegum 45g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

Millions Bubblegum 45g

26 124 som 

Millions Vimto 40g - Golden Casket - Novelties - Candy Co

Millions Vimto 40g

26 124 som 

Chocolate Satin Limes Gibbs Candy Co

Chocolate Satin Limes

60 084 som 

Chocolate Satins Gibbs Candy Co

Chocolate Satins

60 084 som 

Sherbet Straws - Gibbs - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Sherbet Straws

61 826 som 

Strawberry Creme - Barnetts - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Strawberry Creme

68 792 som 

Penguins Smarties 18.5g - Smarties - Novelties - Candy Co
local_offer Save 6 491 som

Penguins Smarties 18.5g

10 924 som  17 416 som

Hersheys Cookies n Creme King 73g The Hershey Company Candy Co

Hersheys Cookies n Creme King 73g

34 752 som 

Chocolate Rocks Nowco Candy Co

Chocolate Rocks

34 832 som 

Filled Yummy Tarts Candy Co Candy Co

Filled Yummy Tarts

32 219 som 

Fast Shipping

We take pride in our swift delivery times, ensuring your order reaches you promptly. We’ve partnered with a top-notch courier provider, guaranteeing the secure and timely arrival of your coveted goodies when you buy lollies online in NZ from Candy Co.

Quality Service

Quality service is guaranteed when you shop online at Candy Co. From personalised assistance to swift query resolution, we’re here to ensure a seamless journey. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Quality Products

From handcrafted confections to timeless classics, our quality products are a testament to our passion for sweet perfection. Quality is our promise and each bite is a testament to our dedication.

Family Owned & Operated

Run by a husband and wife team, we’re proud to be a family owned and operated business. When you shop for lollies in NZ online at Candy Co, you’re supporting a proudly independent operation.

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