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Printed Stickers - ONLY

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Company Branding Matters!

That's why Candy Co offers High-Quality Prints for your business bags.

This is an add-on for our Promotional Lolly Bags. Please add the business bags you wish to purchase to your cart and then add THIS with the number of prints you need. Minimum purchase of 25 prints.

The standard Turn around is up to 7 days for this product.

Please note, we may need to print these elsewhere for special sizes, or extra-large prints. Please check with our staff if you need this request.

STANDARD-SHAPED PRINTS ARE: Rectangular, Circular, and Square.

Upload your logo to this form.

Please make sure the Logos is the following:

- As high a Quality logo as you can provide (This makes a difference in printing)

- File formats we accept are .jpeg .png

We will contact you if there is any issues with the logo.

For further enquiries please Contact Us if you have any issues.

Printed Stickers - ONLY - Candy Co - Candy Co
Printed Stickers - ONLY

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