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Lolly Mixes - Candy Co

Lolly Mixes

Lolly Mixes, Combos and More

Looking for lolly mixes? We've got a great range of lolly mixes – perfect for parties, events and all those special occasions.

Candy Co offers a range of colourful lollies and sweet treats at great prices. We offer Lolly Mixes, Lolly Combos and More! Order your mix of lollies and candy online at Candy Co.

We offer the best lolly and candy combo packs at great prices, so you can stock up on your favourite treats.

Our lolly mixes combine all of your favourite sweets, from hard and crunchy to smooth and soft. Choose from our Lolly Mixes range today.

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix

S/. 18.65

Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix

S/. 18.65

Mayceys Kids Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Kids Mix

S/. 7.21

Gummy Lolly Mix - Nowco - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Gummy Lolly Mix

S/. 18.65

Jelly Filled Gummy Mix Candy Co Candy Co

Jelly Filled Gummy Mix

S/. 24.25

Jelly Filled Sugared Mix Candy Co Candy Co

Jelly Filled Sugared Mix

S/. 24.25

Sour Lolly Mix - Candy Co - Pick and Mix Lollies EXCLUDE - Candy Co

Sour Lolly Mix

S/. 18.65