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New Zealand Made Lollies - Candy Co

New Zealand Made Lollies

New Zealand Made Lollies and Candy

Candy Co sells New Zealand made lollies at our kiwi lolly shop, sourced and produced in New Zealand with all your classic lolly favourites.

Discover amazing tastes and a whole range of similar New Zealand made products that you can't get anywhere else. Don't be caught without your favourite sweets!

Candy Co is a NZ based online retail store specializing in the distribution of candy. We have a wide selection of NZ sweets and lollies that are easy to order online.

Choose from an expansive inventory of the best New Zealand made lollies.

Pick up your favourite Kiwi Lollies Online at Candy Co today.

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix

S/. 18.64

Mayceys Kids Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Crocodiles

S/. 6.96

Jersey Caramels Carousel Candy Co

Jersey Caramels

S/. 8.20

Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix

S/. 18.64

Tangy Fruit Sticks Carousel Candy Co

Tangy Fruit Sticks

S/. 7.70

Peaches and Cream Rainbow Confectionery Candy Co

Peaches and Cream

S/. 7.46

Gloharts Mayceys Candy Co


S/. 6.96

Sour Feijoas - Mayceys - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Sour Feijoas

S/. 6.96