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an assortment of colourful bubblegum spintops in a pile

Chewing Gum Lollies

Chewing Gum and Gum Lollies

Stock up on your favorite gum flavors in a delicious chewy treat. Latest and greatest chewing gum lollies are available at Candy Co.

Chewing gum lollies are a fun, sweet treat that will keep you chewing for hours on end. Choose from a large range of flavours or try something new.

These are the perfect treat for any occasion. Enjoy some of the best chewing gum lollies around with shapes like eggs, spintops, melons and more

Dont forget the classic rolls of hubba bubba and extremely sour Destroyer gum balls.

Super Tattoos Bubblegum - Dragon - Novelties - Candy Co

Super Tattoos Bubblegum


Bubblegum Spintops Fini Candy Co

Bubblegum Spintops


Destroyer Bubblegum - Fini - Novelties EXCLUDE - Candy Co

Destroyer Bubblegum


Camels Balls - Fini - Novelties - Candy Co

Camels Balls


Pool Ball Bubblegums - Zed - UK Candy EXCLUDE - Candy Co

Pool Ball Bubblegums


Crayon Bubblegums 9g - Jojo - Novelties EXCLUDE - Candy Co

Crayon Bubblegums 9g


Pop Rocks Bubblegum - Pop Rocks - Novelties EXCLUDE - Candy Co

Pop Rocks Bubblegum


Gum Fries - Jojo - Novelties - Candy Co
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Gum Fries