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Gummy Lollies - Candy Co

Gummy Lollies

Delicious Gummy Lollies at Candy Co - Irresistible Treats for All Ages

 Indulge in the irresistible sweetness of Gummy Lollies from Candy Co. Our gummy bears and candies are the ultimate delight for your taste buds. Discover a variety of flavors and textures in our wide selection of gummy lollies. Proudly serving the sweet tooth of NZ, Candy Co brings you the best gummy lollies with quality and flavour.

Discover the ultimate gummy candy experience in NZ with our wide variety of flavors. Upgrade your snacking game today, with gummy lollies you probably havnt even seen before!

Explore our wide range of delectable gummy candy and satisfy your cravings today.

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix


Gummy Lolly Mix - Nowco - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Gummy Lolly Mix


Mayceys Kids Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mayceys Crocodiles


Peaches and Cream Rainbow Confectionery Candy Co

Peaches and Cream


Cola Bottles - Bebeto - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Cola Bottles


Gloharts Mayceys Candy Co



Sour Feijoas - Mayceys - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Sour Feijoas


Milk Bottles - Rainbow Confectionery - Pick and Mix Lollies - Candy Co

Milk Bottles