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Blue Lollies

Blue Coloured Lollies and Candy

Blue Lollies can be ordered online here at Candy Co. Shop for your favourite Blue Coloured Lollies online.

Blue Lollies are exclusively for those who love lollies in Blue.

Candy shopping has never been easier. Buy Blue lollies and other sweets in our online store!

Our Blue lollies are perfect for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, parties and other special occasions. Now you can buy Blue lollies at Candy Co.

Our Fun and Festive Lollies are available to buy online and we have a huge number of carefully selected, delectable lollies. We have an extensive range of flavours and packaging, so there's sure to be something to suit your taste!

Blue Raspberry Blowpipe Lollies

Blue Raspberry Blowpipes


Blue Raspberry Razzoo Lollies

Blue Raspberry Razzoos


Lik A Brush Blue Novelties

Lik A Brush Blue


Blue Volcano Lollies

Blue Volcanos


Blue Sweet & Sour Lolly Mix

Blue Sweet & Sour Mix


Nerd Rope Very Berry Novelties

Nerd Rope Very Berry


Sour Raspberry Belts Damel Candy Co

Sour Raspberry Belts


Sour Blue Raspberry Cola Bottle Lollies

Sour Blue Raspberry Cola Bottles


Blueberry flavoured Blue Cloud Lollies

Blueberry Clouds


Tongue Painters


Blue Chocolate Pebbles

Blue Chocolate Pebbles


Blue Coloured Jelly Beans

Blue Jelly Beans


Filled Wild Raspberries Pick And Mix Lollies

Filled Wild Raspberries


Ghouliez Sour Blueberry Chew Novelties

Ghouliez Sour Blueberry Chew


Blue Raspberry Brick Lollies

Blue Raspberry Bricks


Nerd Gummy Clusters Very Berry 85G Sharepack Novelties

Nerd Gummy Clusters Very Berry 85g Sharepack


Fast Shipping

We take pride in our swift delivery times, ensuring your order reaches you promptly. We’ve partnered with a top-notch courier provider, guaranteeing the secure and timely arrival of your coveted goodies when you buy lollies online in NZ from Candy Co.

Quality Service

Quality service is guaranteed when you shop online at Candy Co. From personalised assistance to swift query resolution, we’re here to ensure a seamless journey. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Quality Products

From handcrafted confections to timeless classics, our quality products are a testament to our passion for sweet perfection. Quality is our promise and each bite is a testament to our dedication.

Family Owned & Operated

Run by a husband and wife team, we’re proud to be a family owned and operated business. When you shop for lollies in NZ online at Candy Co, you’re supporting a proudly independent operation.