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Halal Lollies

Halal Lollies and Sweets

Halal lollies and Halal candy. Our Halal sweets are made with certified Halal ingredients, only Halal slaughter method used.

Enjoy your halal sweets with our delicious range of halal lollies, We have a beautiful assortment of Halal lollies online to choose from.

We have lollies in every colour to suit every occasion, mix and match your favourite lollies today.

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix of Lollies

Mayceys Sour Fruits Mix


Mayceys Crocodile Lollies

Mayceys Crocodiles


Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix Mayceys Candy Co

Mighty Mayceys Lolly Mix


Mayceys Gloharts Lollies Mayceys Candy Co



Mayceys Sour Feijoa Lollies

Sour Feijoas


Mayceys Mega Wine Gum Mayceys Candy Co

Mega Wine Gum


A mix of Brick Lollies

Assorted Bricks Lolly Mix


Mayceys Sour Peach Lollies

Sour Peaches


Mayceys Sour Strawberries Lollies

Sour Strawberries


Sour Peach Ring Lollies Kervan Candy Co

Sour Peach Rings


Mayceys Sour Grape Lollies

Sour Grapes


Gummy Bears


Mayceys Killer Crocs Mayceys Candy Co

Killer Crocs


Sour Watermelon Slice Lollies

Watermelon Slices


Mayceys Giant Spearmint Leave Lollies Mayceys Candy Co

Giant Spearmint Leaves


Mayceys Paradise Fruits Mayceys Candy Co

Paradise Fruits


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From handcrafted confections to timeless classics, our quality products are a testament to our passion for sweet perfection. Quality is our promise and each bite is a testament to our dedication.

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Run by a husband and wife team, we’re proud to be a family owned and operated business. When you shop for lollies in NZ online at Candy Co, you’re supporting a proudly independent operation.